🐝HIVE Aggregation Technology (HAT)

Alongside building the LeoDex UI for Maya Swaps, we've built a Hive Aggregator. We call this "HIVE Aggregation Technology" or HAT for short.

LEO has a liquidity pool on HIVE.

LEO has a liquidity pool on Maya.

HAT allows swappers on LeoDex to seamlessly swap between HIVE Blockchain Assets and Maya Protocol assets using just a few clicks on the Interface.

HIVE Outbounds

HIVE -> LEO -> Arbitrum LEO -> CACAO -> Any L1 Asset

HIVE Inbounds

Any L1 Asset -> CACAO -> Arbitrum LEO -> LEO -> HIVE

Other Hive Blockchain Assets

There are hundreds of other assets on the Hive blockchain both at the L1 (HIVE & HBD) and L2 (LEO, SPS, DEC and many others).

HAT will first release with HIVE swaps and then integrate:

  1. SPS

  2. DEC

  3. HBD

With some minimum required volumes, we will add other Hive-based assets to LeoDex over time. Our mission is to battle the CEXes for HIVE swap volume (HIVE alone currently trades about $70M per month in volume) and also seek to aggregate other Hive-based assets using HAT.

Our goal is at least 10% of HIVE monthly trading volume to aggregate on HAT through the Maya Protocol by the end of 2025. This would be roughly $7M per month in trading volume.

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